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The Kinks --- Lola, Percy And The Apeman etc.

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Golden Hour 1974.

2x 1 uur Kinks,

Tikje in het 1e nr. kant 2 (lp1)


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A1 Lola 3:56
A2 The Village Green Preservation Society 2:48
A3 Love Me Till The Sun Shines 3:21
A4 Wonder Boy 2:46
A5 Little Miss Queen Of Darkness 3:12
A6 Two Sisters 3:00
A7 Sitting By The Riverside 2:23
A8 Dandy 2:09
A9 Rainy Day In June 3:11
A10 Death Of A Clown 3:10
B1 Village Green 2:06
B2 Johnny Thunder 2:30
B3 Party Line 2:31
B4 Funny Face 2:27
B5 Moments 2:55
B6 Dreams 3:40
B7 Do You Remember Walter 2:26
B8 All Of My Friends Were There 2:22
B9 People Take Pictures Of Each Other 2:10
B10 Too Much On My Mind 2:28
B11 Picture Book 2:36
B12 You're Looking Fine 2:43
C1 Apeman 3:51
C2 God's Children 3:13
C3 Harry Rag 2:15
C4 Afternoon Tea 3:20
C5 The Last Of The Steam Powered Trains 4:11
C6 Animals In The Zoo 2:19
C7 David Watts 2:37
C8 Rosy Won't You Please Come Home 2:29
C9 House In The Country 2:58
C10 Situation Vacant 3:09
D1 Holiday In Waikiki 2:43
D2 Session Man 2:07
D3 Phenomenal Cat 2:34
D4 Most Exclusive Residence For Sale 2:49
D5 Lazy Old Sun 2:45
D6 Tin Soldier Man 2:48
D7 End Of The Season 2:57
D8 No Return 2:00
D9 Wicked Annabella 2:40
D10 Starstruck 2:19
D11 The Way Love Used To Be 2:11
D12 Big Sky 2:51

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