Golden Earring --- The Best Of Golden Earring

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Arcade 1975


A1 Back Home 3:49
A2 Please Go 2:55
A3 That Day 2:28
A4 If You Leave Me 2:16
A5 Daddy Buy Me A Girl 2:41
A6 Don't Run Too Far 2:15
A7 Sound Of The Screaming Day 2:52
A8 Together We Live, Together We Love 3:09
A9 I've Just Lost Somebody 3:07
A10 Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart 5:17
B1 Radar Love 3:50
B2 Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-Dong 2:51
B3 Where Will I Be 3:17
B4 Another 45 Miles 2:59
B5 Holy Holy Life 3:00
B6 She Flies On Strange Wings 2:58
B7 Buddy Joe 2:39
B8 Stand By Me 3:00
B9 Instant Poetry 3:57
B10 Kill Me (Ce Soir) 3:26
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