The Turtles --- Happy Together Again! - The Turtles' Greatest Hits

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Sire 1974


A1 It Ain't Me Babe 2:07
A2 You Know What I Mean 2:00
A3 Love In The City 3:42
A4 Lady -O 2:52
A5 You Baby 2:18
A6 Grim Reaper Of Love 2:42
A7 Elenore 2:30
B1 Let Me Be 2:23
B2 Outside Change 2:06
B3 Me About You 2:28
B4 Guide For The Married Man 2:44
B5 The Story Of Rock And Roll 2:36
B6 You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain 2:46
B7 She'd Rather Be With Me 2:18
C1 She's My Girl 2:32
C2 Can I Get To Know You Better 2:38
C3 Somewhere Friday Night 2:30
C4 Happy Together 2:52
C5 Sound Asleep 3:26
C6 You Want To Be A Woman 3:24
C7 You Showed Me 3:14
D1 Battle Of The Bands 2:14
D2 Gas Money 2:16
D3 Like It Or Not 3:46
D4 Can I Go On 3:00
D5 Can't You Hear The Cows 2:18
D6 Teardrops 3:02
D7 There You Sit Lonely 3:44
D8 Santa And The Sidewalk Surfer 2:04
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