Various --- The Blues Legend (Box)

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Time Wind ca. 1980,

4 lp box


A1 John Lee Hooker Little Wheel
A2 John Lee Hooker I'm In The Mood
A3 John Lee Hooker Hobo Blues
A4 John Lee Hooker Crawling King Snake
A5 John Lee Hooker Blues Before Sunrise
B1 John Lee Hooker Want Ad Blue
B2 John Lee Hooker My First Wife Left Me
B3 John Lee Hooker Wednesday Evening Blues
B4 John Lee Hooker Maudie
B5 John Lee Hooker Time Is Marching
C1 Lightnin' Hopkins Short Haired Woman
C2 Lightnin' Hopkins Bottle It Up And Go
C3 Lightnin' Hopkins Long Time
C4 Lightnin' Hopkins The Foot Race Is On
C5 Lightnin' Hopkins Prison Blues Come Down On Me
C6 Lightnin' Hopkins Bunion Stew
D1 Lightnin' Hopkins Mama And Papa Hopkins
D2 Lightnin' Hopkins Get Off My Toe
D3 Lightnin' Hopkins Trouble In Mind
D4 Lightnin' Hopkins Gonna Pull A Party
D5 Lightnin' Hopkins Till The Gin Runs Out
D6 Lightnin' Hopkins When The Saints Go Marchin' In
E1 Leadbelly The Burgeouis Blues
E2 Leadbelly Looky, Looky Yonder, Black Betty, Yellow Woman's Doorbells
E3 Leadbelly Poor Howard Greenhorn
E4 Leadbelly The Gallis Pole
E5 Leadbelly Dekalb Woman
F1 Leadbelly Noted Rider
F2 Leadbelly Big Fat Woman
F3 Leadbelly Burrow Love & Co
F4 Leadbelly Bring Me Li'l Water Silvy
F5 Leadbelly Julie Ann Johnson
F6 Leadbelly Line 'Em
F7 Leadbelly Whoe Back Buck
F8 Leadbelly John Hardy
G1 Memphis Slim El Capitan
G2 Memphis Slim This Is A Good Time To Write A Song
G3 Memphis Slim I'm So Alone
G4 Memphis Slim True Love
G5 Memphis Slim Two Of A Kind
G6 Memphis Slim Big City Girl
H1 Memphis Slim Three And One Boogie
H2 Memphis Slim Bertha May
H3 Memphis Slim Celeste Boogie No. 2
H4 Memphis Slim Three Woman Blue
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