Various --- Pillows & Prayers

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Red Cherry 1982


Five Or Six Portrait 2:52
The Monochrome Set Eine Symphonie Des Grauens 2:19
Thomas Leer All About You 3:50
Tracey Thorn Plain Sailing 2:01
Ben Watt Some Things Don't Matter 4:25
Kevin Coyne Love In Your Heart 2:55
Piero Milesi Modi 2 (Extract) 1:02
Joe Crow Compulsion 4:23
Marine Girls Lazy Ways 2:42
Felt My Face Is On Fire 3:04
Eyeless In Gaza No Noise 2:49
The Passage Xoyo 3:26
Everything But The Girl On My Mind 3:08
Attila The Stockbroker A Bang And A Wimpey 1:41
The Misunderstood I Unseen 1:58
The Nightingales Don't Blink 4:00
Quentin Crisp Stop The Music For A Minute 1:00
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